For years, Justransform has been a leader in integrating Logistics solutions to Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) supporting all business processes and transport nodes. Our OTM Carrier Integration solutions can integrate TMS processes across a diverse technology set of carriers.

Turbocharging your OTM with Data
By providing a single technology solution to integrate data to Oracle Transportation Management, Justransform can save time and optimize outcomes for OTM customers.

The core OTM integration capabilities of Justransform help extend data integration and process automation for your unique trading network. From transportation planning to execution, Justransform can optimize the on-boarding and maintenance of the trading network and back-end integration to support your desired business process execution.
Platform Solutions for OTM include the following:

Rich OTM Carrier EDI support – Integrate application data to trading partners via EDI

  • Protocol – includes AS2, sftp server, sftp client, SMTP, ebMS, SOAP, REST, VAN, others.
  • Drag and Drop Browser Based Visual Mapper with out of the box maps and map specifications with extensibility to custom functions and orchestrations
  • EDI Standards – 22k+ standard transactions versions supported
  • All EDI documents viewable as XML and HTML
  • Specification Builder – Browser Based spec builder. Create EDI specifications in minutes
  • SmartRamp Community Manager – Browser Based onboarding workflow with real time visibility dashboard. Great for large onboarding programs
  • Workflow – Perform business validations, technical validations, split, merge, multicast, etc.. Augment and enrich end to workflows with Browser Based lookup tables and Web Services integration

RAW Data Support

  • Integrate application data and trading partners that support for RAW data like csv, Excel, Images, PDF, email, CAD, Barcodes, etc…

API Support​

  • Integrate application data to trading partner that expose integration interfaces via API’s including synchronous web services integration, XML, JSON, SOAP, REST, etc…


  • Integrate application data to trading partner via WebForms to automate and extend business process workflow to trading partners that would prefer to interface via a web page interface

Mobile EDI

  • Integrate application data to trading partner via mobile interface, where the partner can view the business data in human readable format on mobile phone or tablet, and provide a response and corresponding update to the interface.


  • For a small fee, trading partners can setup an account with Justransform where they are provided and inbox/outbox to receive EDI documents which can be converted to human readable, or via drag n drop map interface drop the source and target files and create the map interface
  • Justransform also provides a data staging platform that can reduce OTM deployment time significantly
  • Support collaboration with the trading partner is also managed within the platform bringing single visibility to support incidents vs. email based solutions.

The following diagram represents a sample Real Time Rating request orchestrated via Justransform platform. Justransform has connectivity with many LTL and Parcel carriers and can onboard additional partners in days.

The following diagram represents a sample EDI Tendering scenario orchestrated via Justransform platform. Justransform has connectivity with many carriers and can onboard additional partners in days. API integration options are also available for bookings and status updates. Telematics and ELD integration also available for real time shipment visibility.

Putting it all together

From back end integration of OTM to ERP and WMS platforms through complete planning, execution, and settlement with your carrier network, Justransform delivers a complete set of technology, people, and processes to turbocharge your OTM solution with the data needed to optimize business outcomes
In addition, to these capabilities that help extend process automation for the trading network. Justransform also provides the following capabilities core to the platform:
  • Rich security and regulatory compliance support
  • Elastic, Scaleable, Highly Available and Disaster Recovery enabled platform with 24 x 7 x 365 support
  • Ability to integrate data from all data sources securely and on time
  • Ability to on-board all trading partners via a single platform
  • Ability to orchestrate business processes across a diverse ecosystem of SaaS, Paas, On-Premise, Trading partner, and IoT data sources
  • Real Time Visibility with Configurable Dashboards
  • Fixed vs Variable Metered Pricing that makes it near impossible for business to budget for
  • Self Service Options – Ability to tap into necessary resources on-demand (Managed Services)