Your Definitive Resource to Learn about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Modern EDI approach and concepts and how it applies to today’s Digital Enterprise.

Billions of electronic business transactions take place using EDI. Over 80% of all electronic business transactions between trading partners take place using EDI. Learn about EDI Basics and EDI Best Practices and how companies are leveraging EDI and complementary integration technologies to improve operating margins in their businesses as part of an overall digitization strategy.

What is EDI?

EDI is a standard approach to B2B integration between trading partners . Learn about EDI and modern approaches to EDI integration.


Process and Data integration via EDI solutions can have major impacts for all businesses. Learn tangible and intangible benefits of EDI programs.

Consumption Models

Many different integration patterns and consumption models exists. Learn how modern approaches to EDI integration are solving today's integration challenges.

Best Practices

The need for integration has never been greater. What characteristics separate industry leader vs. laggards. Learn the attributes of successful businesses.

EDI Structures

Learn more about the EDI X12 syntax, including enveloping and data structures

Standards and Protocols

Learn more about the many EDI standards and the protocols that support global E-Commerce integration

EDI Implementation Lifecycle

Implementing EDI? Learn more about best practice implementation lifecycle framework

EDI Transaction Cross Reference

Evaluating or Implementing EDI across various standards? We provide a cross reference for supply chain processes

What is AS2?

Learn more about the most widely adopted secure EDI connectivity protocol in the industry

Future of EDI

While other technologies will emerge. EDI will remain an integral B2B capability. Learn more how these technologies will co-exists and deliver value.

What is AS4?

Learn more about AS4, the latest EDIINT B2B secure interoperable standard protocol in the industry