Accelerate Business Advantage and Innovation and Save Precious Time with a Modern Cloud Integration platform.

Connect and integrate your SaaS, On-premises, Cloud applications, and Trading Partners in minutes/days versus months powering your applications and data sources with normalized data from any data source(s)

Connect - Transform - Orchestrate - Onboard

In Minutes via Single Browser Based Platform

Securely Connect to Any Data Source

Securely Connect, Integrate and Route Data from any Data Source and Interaction Pattern
  • API Connectivity and Integration
  • EDI/B2B/SpreadsheetConnectivity and Integration
  • File, Raw, and Database Connectivity and Integration
  • IoT Device Connectivity and Integration
  • Authentication and Access Control
  • Digital Security and Encryption In-Transit/At-Rest
  • Synchronous/Asynchronous Message Patterns
  • Scheduled/Event Based Process Execution
  • Message Queueing
  • Filename and Content Based Routing

Transform Any Data

Any-to-Any Map Transformation between Data Formats
  • Map Any Source Data Structure to any data format
  • Drag and Drop Visual Map Designer
  • Prebuilt Content - Out of the box maps and maps specifications
  • EDI Content - 22,800 standard transaction version supported
  • Map and Map Specifications Always in Sync
  • Export/Import Lookup Tables
  • Export/Import Mapping Specification
  • Invoke Custom Functions and Map Chains
  • Technical and Business Validations
  • Many others...

Orchestrate Any Process

Advanced Workflow, Validations and Exception Handling
  • Perform complex business and technical validations
  • Perform complex orchestrations such as merge, split, multi-cast. Call lookup tables or launch web service calls for data augmentation and message enrichment.
  • Launch automated and human based workflows as required
  • Create and easily maintain lookup tables
  • Create exception notifications based on business and technical exceptions and provide workspace to mediate, if required
  • Workflow design available through business process design module
  • All run time events visible through network transaction console

Onboard Any Partner

Integrate your trading network regardless of partner technology sophistication
  • EDI Platform - 22,800+ EDI Standard Version Supported, and X12 partner company
  • Map and integrate any XML and EDI standards to anything
  • Native support for RAW data. Proprietary flat files, csv, Excel, PSF, email, OCR, many others
  • Develop and Deploy Collaborative Webforms in Minutes
  • Support for All EDI Connectivity protocols
  • Complete LIfecycle Community Management
  • Productivity Tools for the EDI professional including EDI Standards Viewer, Specification Builder, EDI SmartPad and SmartRamp onboarding community management
  • B2B/EDI Managed Services Option
  • More information about our EDI Platform Solutions

Extend Integration Capabilities

RAW Data Integration

Integrate application data and trading partners that support for RAW data like csv, Excel, Images, PDF, email, CAD, Barcodes, etc…Parse RAW data and normalize to back end process

API Integration

Integrate backend application services, trading partner, and 3rd party services that expose integration interfaces via API’s. Parse API data and normalize to partner or back end processes

Web Forms

Within minutes build and begin to integrate application data to trading partners via WebForms to automate and extend business process workflow to trading partners

Enterprise Dashboards

Connect to any data source and get real time views of business performance via single Dashboard, Quickly design views based on known spreadsheet based expertise

Core Integration Platform Standard Features

  • Multiple Environments Dev, UAT, Prod – (Not available in Free Version)
  • Browser Based Drag and Drop Graphical Mapper
  • Connect to Trading Partner, On-Premises and Cloud Apps , Data Sources
  • Rich Payload Support
  • Rich Protocol Support
  • Advanced Orchestration Engine/Visual Designer
  • Lookup tables
  • Network Transaction Console
  • Dynamic Report Generation
  • Exception Handling/Notifications
  • User Management
  • Version Control
  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Data Security and Regulatory Compliance
  • Test Manager
  • Global Repository
  • Service Orchestration
  • Complex request/response real-time integration
  • Authentication
  • Unlimited Integration Interfaces
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Request Manager
  • Incident Manager

Support Services Standard Features

  • Standard Support
  • Premium Support
  • EDI/B2B Managed Services – Service Add-On

Smart EDI Platform Standard Features

  • EDI Data Translation (including technical and business validations)
  • EDI Connectivity
  • Acknowledgement Generation and Reconciliation
  • EDI Specification Builder
  • EDI SmartPad
  • EDI Dashboard
  • Smart Ramp Community Enablement
  • Trading Network Change Management (EDI/B2B Managed Services) – Service Add-on

Spreadsheet Platform as a Service (PaaS) Standard Features

  • Intelligent Form Builder
  • Zero Code Form Maintenance
  • User Defined Workflows
  • Exception Handling/Notifications
  • Data Normalization

Integration Platform - Add on Features

  • Advanced Security – Encryption at Rest for all data supported in solution
  • Enterprise Connection – Core Enterprise Application (eg. ERP, WMS, TMS, CRM, HCM) that requires connectivity integration to one or more application or trading partner
  • EDI/B2B Managed Support Services – The outsourcing of portions or all EDI services to Justransform. May include program initiation, onboarding, mapping, integration and support services
  • Single Sign On – Support client SSO solution into Justransform Integration Solution layer
  • Dedicated Compute – Provisioning of additional dedicated parallel computing threads to support business needs

All Built Ground Up on a Modern Scalable, Elastic, Secure Cloud Platform

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