To get right data at the right time


Enterprises are rapidly moving towards real-time operations and require real-time access to data from extended business operating systems. In a constantly evolving solution landscape the data tends to be scattered across different applications and solutions. Today a typical Digital Enterprise requires a unified view across their entire data set.

Some of the common use cases

  • A manufacturing business not only requires a real-time data feed from
    • core/tail end suppliers, buyers, logistics provider.
    • a cloud based solution, data storage, social media, individual responding via email, chat or text.
  • A big data solution provider requires data from all of their customer data sources.
  • A logistics solution provider requires real-time access to their customer logistic system.
  • A global supplier requires a real-time connection to their customer as well as the 3rd Party logistics provider.
  • A distributor requires a real-time data feed with their OEM, retailers and end customers.

The key take away is that data is all over the place and irrespective of the size of your organization your data needs to get delivered to the right place at the right time in the right format.

Justransform Solution

The current solution to address this requirement requires integration of multiple technologies, solutions, standards and process.

Justransform platform enables you to have a single data integration strategy rather than having an amalgamation of multiple vendor technologies